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Focus + Experience = Results

Our focus and expertise is embedded in our brand name. We do it differently with immediate teeth replacement and high success.

About All On 4 Clinic

The All On 4 Clinic is a network of hand-picked specially trained clinicians with facilities throughout Australia that meet the required standards set by the brand to reflect its focus on immediate and fixed full set teeth replacement.

Our clinic has created a niche in offering advanced rehabilitation with our All On 4 Plus approach, amongst other advanced treatments with dental implants. With the experience of thousands of implant installations and associated plastic and reconstructive procedures, and many hundreds of patients that we have treated using All On Four and All On 4 Plus treatments, our results speak for themselves.

Why Choose Us

1. Experts and Innovators of All On 4 Plus

Not just a brand name. At the All On 4 Clinic you will be treated by the clinicians who pioneered All On 4 in Australia, and when required by the innovator of All On 4 Plus personally;

2. National Network of Dedicated Clinics

Our expertise …now literally at your doorstep! Surgical clinicians at the All On 4 Clinic need to demonstrate a high level of skill and experience with dental implants and reconstructive dento-alveolar surgery before they are personally trained by Dr Fibishenko, innovator of All on 4 Plus, to provide the treatments locally. Dr Fibishenko otherwise travels and performs those surgeries that require his expertise at an All On 4 Clinic’s dedicated facility in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

3. We do it differently

Our clinics are founded on the premise of immediate fixed teeth replacement, but with it, we also work to the highest standards in terms of aesthetics, function and comfort. Read more on the left.

4. Immediate Teeth that are FINAL

Our techniques facilitate the fitting of an immediate restoration within 1-2 days from your surgery. Not merely a temporary restoration, but one that is a reliable solution that offers more favourable conditions for the healing of the implants and simplifies the cleaning process.

5. We can work with your dentist

Whilst no special referral is required to attend the All On 4 Clinic, many of our patients are indeed referred to us by their dentist. If you wish to involve your own dentist in your treatment, they will participate in the restorative aspect of your treatment, and we will work together with them to reach our high standards in providing you with fixed replacement teeth.

6. Your entire treatment in the one place

Patients who come to the all-on-4 clinic directly can expect that their entire treatment will be co-ordinated in the one place.

7. A Streamlined Process that has Contingency

Our All On 4 Plus treatment offers a streamlined solution that is permanent, and which has improved contingency giving you more options in the event of the unforeseen. Learn more.

8. Solutions even for the most atrophic jaws

Our Zygoma Plus treatment offers a solutions with fixed replacement teeth for long-time denture wearers, who may often be told that they are not suitable for dental implants;

9. Quality Control

Our laboratory processes are integrated into the All On 4 Clinic framework, and as such our clinicians are able to control the quality of the restoration by overseeing the production process;


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