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all-on-4 before after all on 4 dental

Upper All-On-4 Plus & Lower All-On-4 for 50 YO Architect

50 Years Old Architect before


50 Years Old Architect after



  • 50 Years Old Architect


  • Gum disease
  • Loose Teeth
  • Poor Aesthetics
  • Poor bone quality


  • Upper All on 4 Plus
  • Lower All on 4
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Original Treatment Early 2014


This patient has lost numerous back teeth over time and was finding it difficult to chew. He was also conscious of the gappy appearance and didn’t like his smile. He had gum disease, which resulted in the splaying and looseness of his teeth. The patient had an adequate quantity of bone for All On 4, but the quality of the bone was poor.

As such we raised the possibility that due to the poor quality bone in the upper jaw we could not be certain that four fixtures would be enough to support full set teeth replacement in the long term.

However, as there was not enough bone in the back of the upper jaw for any such additional additional fixtures in the future, we recommended considering OPTIONAL bone grafting done simultaneously with All On 4 treatment so as to build up the bone reserves for improved contingency. We would then monitor his progress over time before we determine whether additional implants are required. The healing of the implants was unremarkable and as it turned out after 3 years in function we were able to ascertain that the four original implants were indeed enough for long term support.

However this patient developed a heavy bite and there was a problem with the improved biting pressures, which were beyond the tolerance of the acrylic prosthesis, and a crack developed over time The long term treatment was completed without additional implants, only with upgrading his upper and lower teeth to the much more durable Zirconia bridge.


before splaying teeth

1. This pictures shows the teeth on presentation with gaps in the back and splaying teeth.

fixed acrylic prostheses

2. The patient was treated with dental implants and fixed acrylic prostheses were immediately attached to the fixtures.

teeth replaced zirconia

3. After 3 years the acrylic teeth were replaced with the zirconia set shown in this picture.

Zirconia durable solution

4. The Zirconia offers a far more durable long term solution.

zirconia x-ray

5. The x-ray shows 4 fixtures in each upper and lower jaw, and the white dense supra-structures are the zirconia bridges. The whiteness represents the density, which in turn reflects the physical properties of Zirconia.

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