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Anxious Retiree Helped with Upper Zygoma and Lower All-On-4




  • 71 Years old
  • Retiree


  • Debilitating fear of dentists
  • Grossly decayed teeth
  • Gum disease


  • Upper Zygoma Plus
  • Lower All On 4
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Treatment in 2013


This patient had suffered with her teeth all her life. She had severe anxiety to do with dentists from experiences of the past and was a complete dental phobic. She had not seen a dentist for many years and as a result her teeth and gums deteriorated and became extremely mobile, held together only by the calculus build up around them. She hid her smile, but apart from the appearance, she started having difficulties eating and had dental pain and staph infection in her mouth. She needed to have her teeth removed and wanted to avoid dentures, but her main obstacle was the psychological fear of the dentist. She was so nervous a that she did not turn up to her initial consultation merely to discuss her options and did a ‘runner’ as her husband put it. Save to say she was eventually treated under general anaesthetic.

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