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Dental Implant Bridges Address Sever Erosion Of Teeth




  • 36 years old


  • Advanced erosion of the teeth, most of which beyond repair.
  • Pain eating and drinking due to pulp exposures from the erosion


  • Upper replacement of all teeth with dental implants supporting bridges in segments
  • Lower replacement for the front teeth only and conservative restoration of the back teeth
  • Treatment in 2007


This young lady suffered from advanced erosion of most of her teeth related to Bulimia, and experienced severe sensitivity and pain because the pulps of the teeth were exposed. There was no adequate tooth structure left to do any sort of conservative repair. One option considered for the upper was full set teeth replacement with All On 4 with aesthetic gum replacement. However the gum health and choreography was ideal and we decided to pursue a course of treatment involving segmental bridges nestled within the natural gums and supported by dental implants.


1. The presence of the four front teeth in this picture does not represent sound tooth structure. These are veneers that were bonded to the underlying teeth some time ago, but the underlying natural tooth structure has completely eroded away.

2. The end result with porcelain bridges fitted to dental implants.

3. The extent of erosion of the teeth is clearly visible here.

4. Five dental implants were placed to support two segments of implant bridges.

5. The bridges in place.

6. Front smile view BEFORE treatment.

7. Front smile view AFTER treatment.

8. Side smile view AFTER treatment.

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