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Alternative to Loose Dentures with All-On-4-Plus Implants




  • 40 years old at the time of treatment
  • Jeweller


  • Advanced gum disease
  • Mobile teeth and loose partial dentures
  • Embarrassed by her smile and unable to eat normally


  • Upper All on 4 Plus
  • Lower All on 4
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Original Treatment Early 2009
  • Zirconia upgrade in 2013


This you lady presented to our clinic with advanced gum disease and had lost many teeth over time. She had an upper denture that was very unstable and she needed to use denture adhesive whilst wearing it. She was unable to enjoy food and had lost her confidence and self esteem. Her teeth became extremely mobile and she couldn’t face the thought of having to go to full dentures.

She had advanced bone loss as a result of her gum disease and needed a significant amount of reconstructive surgery and sinus grafting, which were done at the same time as her immediate dental implants, but which could also possibly been avoided had she consulted us 3 years earlier.


1. This close up picture without the upper denture demonstrates the extent of the problems and number of missing teeth.

2. The patient pictured here at a recent photo shoot 5 years after her surgery.

3. The patient pictured here with her friend she referred to our clinic and who had similar treatment more recently.

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