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Upper Zygoma-Plus Stops a Cycle of Failed Dental Work

Upper Zygoma-Plus before


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  • 39 Years Old
  • Cosmetic Consultant


  • Treatment in progress elsewhere that was failing
  • Poor aesthetics
  • Pain


  • Upper Zygoma Plus
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Treatment in 2013


This patient had a history of failed dental work and tooth infections and wanted to do something more permanent that would improve the appearance of her smile. She saw a dentist who gave her the option of full set replacement, but the prior dentist told us that the patient was reluctant to remove whatever teeth she had left and decided to pursue a more conservative approach.

Her dentist placed some implants in the upper jaw, and temporary crowns. Havi did not like the result and began to suspect that it was not going to end up looking like she expected due to the unevenness of the gums, dark gaps, and general imbalance. In addition, soon after commencing this work she suffered another infection from a fractured tooth that caused her pain and put her in a state of distress.

Together with her prior dentist we decided that it was time to explore full set teeth replacement, but the patient had so much bone destruction from the infections, current and prior, as well as existing implants that had to be removed, that there was no adequate bone left for a straightforward approach with All On 4. She also required surgical repositioning of the gum level with an alveolectomy to allow for Aesthetic Gum Replacement and restore balance. She was treated with Zygoma Plus.


temporary bridge significant tooth decay

1. This is what it looked like under the temporary bridge. There was a significant amount of tooth decay and not enough tooth structure remaining to support a new bridge.

decayed teeth uneven gum line

2. Apart from the decayed teeth, this picture illustrates the unevenness of the gum line and how the upper teeth have grown down on the patient’s right side over time leaving no room for a bridge.

x-ray implant dentists

3. This x-ray illustrates the presence of 2 implants placed by the prior dentist. These implants could not be used as part of full set teeth replacement and required removal.

x-ray teeth fixtures added

4. After the remaining teeth and fixtures were removed, 4 new fixtures were placed in the upper jaw, but these would not allow extension of the prosthesis all the way back. We inserted additional Zygomatic implants into the underside of the cheekbones and this allowed full set replacement.

Upper Zygoma-Plus smiling


Upper Zygoma-Plus patient


patient smiling all-on-4


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