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Teeth Trauma for Melbourne GP Treated with Dental Implants




  • 62 years old
  • GP - Physician


  • Trauma to three front teeth with root fractures
  • Front left tooth temporarily replaced with a denture


  • Extraction of the fractured teeth
  • Replacement with a porcelain bridge supported by dental implants
  • Treatment in 2007


This patient presented having received a blow to the face, which caused root fractures of three of his upper front teeth. There was also an associated fracture of the supporting jawbone. In removing the fractured teeth there was a real risk of recession of the gums , which could have caused unevenness in the gum-line and poor appearance. This was of particular relevance in this patient because he had a high lip-line and showed the gums when smiling. We removed the fractured teeth and simultaneously inserted 2 dental implants. We also performed bone grafting and gum grafting at the very same time in order to reduce the chances of recession and optimise the prospects of success and aesthetics.


1. The teeth removed and dental implants placed into the outer positions, along with simultaneous bone grafting and gum grafting.

2. After a 3 months healing period, zirconia abutments were connected to the implants to support a porcelain bridge.

3. The access holes of the abutments are closed in preparation for the permanent cementation of a 3-unit porcelain bridge.

4. The bridge is inserted. There is a moderate amount of tooth display at rest with a normal appearance.

5. On smiling there are indeed some changes in the gum-line due to the initial trauma, but overall it is an aesthetic result due to the reconstructive procedures that had taken place at the time of the extraction of the teeth and insertion of dental implants.

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