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Cycle of Dental Problems Halted within 2 Days with All-On-4-Plus




  • 52 years old
  • CEO


  • Numerous cycles of failed dental work
  • Lower partial denture


  • Upper All on 4 Plus
  • Lower All On 4 Timeframe: 2 Days Treatment Early 2010
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Treatment Early 2010


A competent dentist who was also a friend of this patient treated him and attended to his dental needs as they arose. But the patient never felt like they were getting on top of his dental problems, which started when he knocked out the front tooth in a sports injury as a teenager. He suffered numerous infections and was never really satisfied with the state and appearance of his teeth. The last time his dentist saw him he needed more extensive dental work but the patient was not prepared to re-enter the cycle of failures that he had experienced in the past, and together they decided that it was time to explore a more reliable solution. His dentist referred him to our clinic for All On 4 Dental Implants, and after over 30 years of dental problems, the cycle of physical and psychological trauma for this patient was broken when he walked out with fixed implant-supported replacement teeth within 2 days from his surgery.


all on 4 after four years treatment

1. Pictured here at a photo shoot 4 years after his treatment.

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