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58 YO Farmer Treated with Upper and Lower All-On-4

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Case Details

The Case
  • 58 Years Old Farmer
The Problems
  • Numerous missing teeth
  • Excessive tooth wear
  • Gum disease
The Solution
  • Upper and Lower All on 4
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Treatment in 2008

Doctors Comments

This patient has lost numerous teeth due to tooth decay and gum disease","but the extent of wear on his teeth also gave us an indication that he is likely to be a grinder","and that his chewing muscles are capable of imparting a great deal of force once his teeth are restored","and this had a potential to lead to breakages of the new teeth","or even failure of one or more implants. He was unable to tolerate partial dentures and wanted to avoid full dentures.<\/p>\n

We treated him with standard upper and lower All On 4 dental implants procedure","and monitored him over time to determine whether the excessive chewing forces have any affect on the implants. As it turned out","the implants were capable of withstanding these loads","but our suspicion as to the grinding and immense forces was still a reality","and the patient had worn down the acrylic teeth that were fitted immediately at surgery within a period of 3 years. He also had a couple of breakages from the immense forces in his mouth even though he was wearing a splint to reduce the effects of his grinding at night. We upgraded his bridges to new ones that had a titanium frame and were more durable.

The Process

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1. At presentation there were numerous missing teeth and dysfunction. The patient was unable to tolerate dentures. The remaining teeth were decayed and affected by gum disease.

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants 1802 1

2. ["Upper and lower All On 4 treatment. The immediately fitted bridges had no frame","and were later replaced by our newer version of immediate teeth replacement","which has a metallic frame."]