All-On-4-Plus for Fragile and Broken Down Teeth

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants 1900 2
ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants 1901 1

Case Details

The Case
  • 59 years old Retired carer
  • 59 years old Retired carer
The Problems
  • A cycle of repeated and failed dental work
  • Tooth decay and structurally compromised teeth
  • Partial upper denture
  • Unable to eat normally
The Solution
  • Upper All on 4 plus
  • Lower All on 4
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Treatment in 2013

Doctors Comments

This lady presented with missing teeth and wearing a partial upper denture which she hated.

She was distressed by the condition of her teeth and years of continued dental work with many fillings","crowns and root canal treatments","yet her dentists never being able to quite get control of her situation with a continued cycle of erosion","tooth decay and infections.

Her teeth felt fragile and were clinically structurally compromised. She was not able to chew all food.

Sue wanted to avoid embarking on dental treatment that would be merely the same repairs and fixes of the past and wanted to improve appearance function and reliability.

Due to the extent of bone loss caused by her prior infections she required surgical repairs and bone grafting which were done simultaneously as part of her All on 4 Plus dental implants treatment.

The Process

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants 1902 1

1. The patient is pictured here 12 months after her treatment.