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All-On-4 dental implants must be placed in ideal positions in order to optimise aesthetics, ease of cleaning and comfort.

When there is poor or inadequate jaw bone present the situation is such that surgeons are often forced to place implants wherever they find some bone, which means that the positioning of the implants is often not ideal in terms of the restorative needs. The upper jaw is typically much more complex to manage because of the presence of enlarged sinuses, which apart from a compromised bone volume, also doesn’t leave much by way of space for an aesthetic and functional bridge. To overcome these problems, Dr Alex Fibishenko has devised a new technique called Sinus Impaction Graft, and when combined with Zygoma Implants (implants placed into the underside of the cheekbones to support a prosthesis), it is a procedure we refer to today as ‘Zygoma Plus’. This advanced surgical protocol creates the necessary room for an ideal prosthesis in terms of aestehtics, function, longevity, cleanability and comfort.

In some cases the jawbone is so badly compromised that we need to insert 2 implants into each cheekbone for adequate support of the prosthesis, and when combined with the Sinus Impaction Graft, we refer to this as Quad-Zygoma-Plus.

Today’s patient received immediate rehabilitation with this method, and the laboratory design highlights the attainment of surgical parameters for a most optimal restorative result.

Below are some pictures from today’s insertion, courtesy Rob Amsha from All-On-4 Lab Australia:








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