Healthcare Continuity Program - All On 4 Clinic

HEALTHCARE CONTINUITY: Dental surgery is NOT affected by current Government restrictions and our clinics continue to service our patients.

Keeping Our Patients, Staff and Community Safe.

Our team is taking additional measures to help contain the situation at this critical time.

Healthcare Continuity Program

Dental clinics are not affected by current government restrictions.

Our clinics continue to service our patients with caution and additional measures.

As is always the case, the well-being of our patient and staff is of paramount importance.

Our clinics are surgical facilities and are accustomed to following the highest standards of hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation. Our dentists, doctors and nurses wear masks during close contact with patients and follow the required precautions of a medical environment.

At this critical time we are also taking additional precautions in an effort to help further protect our staff, patients and the community at large. We have introduced enhanced sanitation, additional behavioural measures, as well as a Wellness & Travel Criteria as a means of screening.


Additional Responsible Health Measures

All the patients that we see, as well as our doctors and staff, must pass a strict wellness and travel criteria (below);

  • We do not see sick or symptomatic patients;
  • We measure the temperature of all persons entering our building;
  • We have limited the number of patients in the waiting room at any one time;
  • We have staggered the working hours of dentists to reduce numbers;
  • All our staff must be extra vigilant in their personal hygiene and wash their hands even more regularly;
  • All our staff are required to avoid close contact with each other;
  • All our staff are required to avoid attendance at crowded events, or are otherwise forbidden from coming to work;
  • We continue to follow the advice of the Department of Health and regularly update our staff and policy.

Wellness & Travel Criteria

Our Patients as well as our staff must sign a declaration that they,

  1. Have not travelled anywhere outside of Australia in the last 2 weeks; and,
  2. Do not have any sickness symptoms, especially flu-like symptoms; and,
  3. Have not been in contact with anyone who tested positive to coronavirus.

If you suspect you might be subject to any of the above criteria, please postpone/re-schedule your appointment for a minimum of 14 days after the occurrence/recovery.

If you have any concerns at any time please raise them with us immediately.


Business as Usual?

To our ALL-ON-4 CLINIC community,

We have taken some additional measures and screening but otherwise its are currently business as usual.

These are unprecedented times indeed, and we are watching and monitoring the situation day-by-day, taking all the advice required from our government and health department.

Our hearts go out to anyone who is or has been affected by the Corona virus (COVID-19) Pandemic. 

We send our greatest appreciation and admiration to our fellow health care workers who are working tirelessly to contain and control the situation.

These times are also an opportunity to strengthen our community by working together to beat this pandemic.  We call on all members of the community to be considerate of others when they shop, and to take extra hygiene and quarantine measures to keep them, their families and the community safe. 

All our practises are open – and, our team are happy to hear any of your enquiries and advise you on any needs. 

Regardless of whether you are working from home, taking care of your loved ones or trying to process your next steps, please look after yourself. 


The All-On-4 Team 🙂

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