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Emergency Dental Implants

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Emergency Dental Implants

Your smile says a lot about you, so it can be devastating when something happens to make it less than stellar. Whether from age, accident, or something else, a broken or loose tooth – especially at the front of your mouth – might make you feel like you never want to smile again.

Your dentist might be able to save your teeth, but if not, dental implants are a fantastic option to get your smile back. When it comes to emergency dental or denture implants, no one can give you better service than our team here at All On 4 Clinic. If you’re looking for an immediate, long-lasting and high-quality solution, we can help.

Benefits of All-In-4 Emergency Tooth Implants

Why be plagued with missing or damaged teeth when you don’t have to be? There are a variety of benefits that you can with dental implants, including:

  1. Confidence in your appearance. Losing a tooth can be embarrassing and might make you feel shy about your smile. Replacing that gap with a natural-looking dental implant gives you back your confidence so that you can flash that smile without worry. You’ll also feel confident in being able to chew and speak without any issue.
  2. Stronger teeth and natural feeling. Dental implants provide a natural-feeling solution for lost or damaged teeth. Do you know what’s even better? Implants are incredibly durable, meaning that they can last you a lifetime.
  3. Reduced chance of bone loss. When you lose even one tooth, that empty space in your jawbone makes bone loss a lot more likely. Avoid deterioration with emergency dental implants that will provide stimulation to your jawbone.
  4. Protection from decay and infection. Keep your mouth healthy and free from discomfort with emergency dental implants.
  5. Fast return to normal life. While regular dental implants may take months, our process can be accomplished in just a few days. Our process is faster than traditional implants, meaning that you can return to your normal life sooner rather than later.

The Process: Here’s How Our Emergency Dental Implants Work

How do implants work, anyway?

Implants are small screws that are placed in your jawbone, replacing the root of your tooth. Your jawbone will naturally fuse with your implants, making them the most natural and realistic solution for missing or damaged teeth.

Traditional implants require a separate implant for every tooth that’s being replaced. With All On 4, you only receive four for a full arch replacement – that’s right, four implants will give you a beautiful set of new teeth on your upper or lower jaw.

Even in emergency cases, the anaesthetic our dentists apply ensures that you’re comfortable throughout the whole procedure, which may be completed in only one day. Recovery time differs from patient to patient, but expect full recovery to take several months.

A temporary but fully functional prosthesis is available right after the surgery, meaning that you can go home with immediate replacement teeth. After you’ve had time to heal, complete the process with a quick visit to our office where we’ll replace your temporary teeth with a customised, permanent set.

Get the Care You Need at All On 4 Clinic

It’s time to love your smile again with All On 4 dental implants.

If you’re missing teeth, hoping to replace broken teeth, or looking for an alternative to dentures, our highly advanced and streamlined surgical procedure could be the solution for you. Contact us today for an All On 4 Consultation where you can speak to an emergency oral surgeon to find out if this procedure is right for you.

Read more about our clinic and services or view our case studies today and find out why we’re one of Australia’s favourite dental services.

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