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Facility and Anaesthetic

Facility and Anaesthetic

The Type of Facility and Anaesthetic

Beware of clinics offering twilight sedation procedures for All-On-4 dental implants. Sedation reduces coughing and other reflexes, and may result in choking on the water and small hardware components at surgery.

In some cases doing the procedure under local anaesthetic may be adequate, but where sedation is required, it is far safer to have this procedure under General Anaesthetic while fully asleep when the airways are protected and a specialist anaesthetist is monitoring you.

It is not ideal to have All-On-4 dental implants procedures done in a hospital environment as the flat hospital bed does not allow the surgeon clear access to perform intricate surgery and restorative procedures within the mouth. Also, the kind of anaesthetic used in hospitals typically involves volatile anaesthetic as well as paralysing agents, which means that although you can be put to sleep quicker and moved out of the theatre quicker to allow for the next surgery, the recovery is more prolonged with more side effects compared to other anaesthetic styles. This is not conducive to the immediate process with All-On-4 where the recovery must be quick, and laboratory must be on site, so as to enable try-in of the teeth on the same day.

The most ideal situation is a clinic that has a General Anaesthetic facility within the dental environment, offering care and supervision by specialist anaesthetists.

Onsite Laboratory

It is important that the clinic has an onsite laboratory for a streamlined process from surgery to the fabrication of the teeth. The Laboratory can make adjustments as required on the spot to ensure that the teeth are delivered within 24 hours;

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