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IV Sedation is like a dream come true!

Our IV Sedation and Specialist Anaesthetic services cater even for the extreme dental phobics, for treatment that is quite literally a ‘Dream’ come true.

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A streamlined process that appears to be simple for the patient is a guiding principle with All On 4 Plus treatment. But an experience that is made to appear uncomplicated would not be complete without a suitable anaesthetic facility.

Patients want to be asleep for their procedure, but traditional hospital theaters do not cater for the specialised needs of the dental care provider. So we created facilities that do!

The All On 4 Clinics in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth have provisions for treatment has treated many hundreds of patients in a streamlined process using innovative techniques and Specialist anaesthetists provide anaesthetic services at the All On 4 Clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. In Perth IV Sedation is offered by trained and board-endorsed sedationists or anaesthetists depending on individual needs. All facilities are fitted with monitoring equipment and that meets the standard of any hospital facility.


The reason that anaesthetic facilities are integrated into the All On 4 Clinic’s treatment model is because of the need to combine all the disciplines and areas of practice within the one clinic in order to consistently deliver immediate results with full set teeth replacement. Achieving this requires a sophisticated dental and anaesthetic set up, as well as a laboratory that can address any technical or production needs on the spot.

Our set up also lends itself to treatments by our cosmetic dentists in all other areas of dentistry under IV Sedation or General Anaesthetic. Also known as sleep dentistry, we treat both adults and children who have anxieties or a fear of the dentist.

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