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Dental Tourism For Dental Implants

The All on 4 Clinic, through its founder has an international reputation as for excellence and expertise in the All-On-4 Plus treatment concept.

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The All on 4 Clinic, through its founder has an international reputation as for excellence and expertise in the All-On-4 Plus treatment concept …the next generation in permanent alternatives to dentures with implanted replacement teeth, in just 2-3 days. Known also for its high standards of dental care and a competitive cost policy in the areas of Dental Implants, Smile Makeovers, Implant Dentures and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are accustomed to dental tourism and treating patients who take advantage of the favorable cost-to-benefit ratio and quality of cosmetic and implant dentistry and travel from Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, as well as from Europe and America for their total dental makeover, dental implants, and other smile enhancing solutions.

As true international centres for dental tourism, we have an all-encompassing facilities with dental sedation and anaesthetic services for sleep dentistry, radiological services, operating theatres as well as our own integrated dental laboratories that enables us to streamline the treatment process while remaining competitive on the price of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. We have a number of hotels and apartments in close proximity to our international dental clinics located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Patients who undergo treatment at one of our clinics are allocated a treatment coordinator who makes all the necessary arrangements for diagnosis, treatment planning, costing of dental treatment, whilst minimizing the number of steps and timeframe to achieve the required results.

With experience in a number of top brand dental implants, our clinicians believe that long-term dental health is not only achieved through meticulous treatment planning and refined techniques, but also through appropriate maintenance. The All On 4 Clinic use the highest quality implants by the leading manufacturers and have cross-brand experience to choose quality components that may be obtained in the patient’s country of origin so as to facilitate their long-term maintenance upon their return home.


Dental Implants in Thiland, China, Indonesia and other parts of Asia.

It makes little sense when Australians seek dental treatment in Asian countries such as Thiland, Indonesia, Malaysia and Phillipies because it appears to be ‘cheaper’. Australia has one of the highest standards in Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implant treatment of any western country. All the leading Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implant and Smile Makeover centers in Asia, Europe and North America that maintain similar high standards would all be priced similarly to Australia.

A smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry and/or dental implants is a health and beauty requirement that needs individualized attention, and is not a mass-produced commodity where price competition is based on volume …hence cheap dental treatment costs often means cheap results and treatment that may harm you.

When considering cheap dental implants or cosmetic dentistry treatment overseas patients must be aware that:

  • The regulations governing the provision of dental treatment and infection control practices in most other countries are not as stringent as they are in Australia
  • Dental Implants or Cosmetic dentistry abroad may offer visually improved results but rarely reaching the full potential of a great smile, long term results and maintainable dental health by Australian standards
  • As a smile makeover may often be focused on providing a quick solution, but that is often at the expense of long term success and dental health
  • Dental Implant Treatment and Smile makeovers are irreversible! If not performed to the highest standards, they may be extremely difficult and costly to rectify.
  • Dental clinics that offer cheap cosmetic dentistry and dental implant treatment often use cheap materials and components, many of which have no TGA approval in Australia. When any complications arise the process of retreatment becomes unnecessarily complex and costly
  • Some Asian clinics advertise ‘Western-trained Doctors’, but these are often inexperienced practitioners who use such clinics to gain experience
  • Medicare rebates, Healthcare Fund rebates and Tax Rebates that are available in Australia to suitable patents may not be claimable for overseas treatment. In certain cases the totality of all the rebates may be quite significant and in excess of 40% of the value of treatment.

Complications with any cosmetic dental surgery or dental implants may occur in the best of hands. It is therefore important to choose not only a skillful dentist with particular expertise in the treatment, but also a clinic where you know that any complications can be appropriately managed and rectified. Such peace of mind does not exist with extreme smile makeover or cheap dental implant treatment abroad.