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Permanent Immediate Teeth on Four Dental Implants

A question that is commonly asked of our team at All-On-4 Clinic Brunswick is “How can it all be done in 24-48 hours. Permanent Immediate Teeth on Four Dental Implants, … What Am I Missing?”

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A question that is commonly asked of our team at All-On-4 Clinic Brunswick is “How can it all be done in 24-48 hours. Permanent Immediate Teeth on Four Dental Implants, … What Am I Missing?”

Simply put, its the process and procedures developed at All-On-4 Clinic that make it so streamlined for our patients. But making the whole experience appear simple for our patients is NOT a simple task. It requires high tech set-up, onsite laboratory and highly experienced clinicians, such as Dr Helen Arabatzis, who works alongside Dr Alex Fibishenko, founder of the brand and one of Australia’s most highly respected implant surgeons, and turns what once was a onerous drawn out process into permanent and immediate teeth, literally within 24-48 hours.

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Implant surgery has always been a long-winded process for patients and doctors. In the past using the older methods the posts were installed into the jawbone and allowed to heal. Only after a period of 4-6 months, or much longer if bone grafting was involved, could the process of making the teeth commence. To learn about why today’s treatment at our clinic is so different there is a very interesting article that focuses on why we had to change what we used to do in the past and the evolution of All-On-Four.

Dr. Arabatzis was one of the few hand-picked, highly experienced implant surgeons chosen to be a part of this fantastic, exciting method of rehabilitative procedures. Dr. Fibishenko, after he improved and pioneered these techniques in Australia, has been working alongside Dr. Arabatzis and her team at the All-On-4 Clinic Brunswick giving patients in surrounding suburbs such as North Melbourne, Fitzroy, Carlton, Northcote, Moonee Ponds and all other northern suburbs the opportunity to have their teeth, and confidence, back all within one or two days.

At this clinic we also offer treatments other just full set immediate teeth replacement. We perform all aspects of general, cosmetic and preventative dental treatments, including the replacement of singular teeth with dental implants. But when we do individual teeth, sometime depending on individual situations, we still need to wait 3 months before the tooth crown can be attached to the post. Unlike full set immediate teeth replacement, where the posts are cross-stabilized by the bridge that connects them, a single tooth is on its own and cannot rely on other posts for additional stability. So in situations such as when the bone is not of an ideal quality, we do need to wait for the post to heal before continuing with the next step of making the tooth to fit on top. During the healing process, we fit a temporary tooth using a thin clear-suckdown bridge, similar in concept to Invisalign retainers, just with a tooth to fill the gap.

All-On-4 immediate teeth replacement is a complete rehabilitative procedure done in such a way that we are able to insert your permanent teeth the next day. This technique has evolved in such a way that the two front fixtures are placed vertically into the jaw bone and the two back fixtures are placed at a 45 degree angle. Placing the fixtures in such a way creates and even balance across the mouth. The bridges are also constructed in a way that the implants are all attached to one another through the prosthesis which creates cross-arch stabilization. Therefore, it isn’t just one fixture taking all the chewing forces.

At All-On-4 Clinic Brunswick seeing the excitement and transformation in a person’s smile and their confidence with our immediate teeth process makes our job a very satisfying one that drives our passion for the All-On-4 total rehabilitation technique. We are pleased to announce our participation in the brand’s Competitive Pricing Policy as part of our motto ‘Changing the Lives of Everyday People Every Day’.

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