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Payment Options

All-On-4 Clinics offer different payment options

Apart from our policy of maintaining our position as world leaders in terms of the value that we offer our patients, we also have various finance options to make it more affordable and help more Australians avoid the need for removable dentures.

We offer the following finance options for approved applicants (T&C’s apply, and available options may vary depending on location).

Interest Free Dental Payment Plans For All Your General, Cosmetic And Specialist Dental Needs
Access My Super
Do you need funding to cover the cost of your dental needs including orthodontics, implants, crowns, braces and dentures?
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Secured Loan Direct Finance
A ZERO-cost and ZERO-interest loan/finance option popular with patients who have equity in a residential property that can be used as security.
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Whether it’s medical, dental, lifestyle or wedding, we’re here to provide you with a personalised and stress-free service.