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Discover the benefits of All-On-4 Dental Implants. Permanent, fixed and reliable replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants ...in 24Hrs.

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Upper All-On-4 Plus & Lower All-On-4 for 50 YO Architect

This patient has lost numerous back teeth over time and was finding it difficult to chew. He was also conscious of the gappy appearance and didn’t like his smile. He had gum disease, which resulted in the splaying and looseness of his teeth. The patient had an adequate quantity of bone for All ...

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Musician Plays Saxohone Again with Upper & Lower All-On-4

This patient has had problems with his teeth for many years and had numerous restorations that were breaking down. The turning point for him was when he lost his front teeth, and with it he lost his ability to play the saxophone. The appearance was not so much of a problem for him. His main conce...

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Upper Zygoma-Plus Stops a Cycle of Failed Dental Work

This patient had a history of failed dental work and tooth infections and wanted to do something more permanent that would improve the appearance of her smile. She saw a dentist who gave her the option of full set replacement, but the prior dentist told us that the patient was reluctant to remove...

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Quad-Zygomas fix Loose Denture Problems in 58 Year Old

This patient had a full upper denture and some missing lower back teeth. His dentist placed some implants to replace the lower teeth and this gave him a tremendous improvement in function. But his upper denture was a worsening problem. It was very loose and destabilised when talking causing speec...

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Upper All-On-4-Plus Dental implants for Melbourne Entrepreneur

This patient had advanced gum disease at a relatively young age. He was treated with All On 4 Plus incorporating bone grafting because we wanted to build up his bone reserves in case of any complications in the future, especially due to his age.

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Cycle of Dental Problems Halted within 2 Days with All-On-4-Plus

A competent dentist who was also a friend of this patient treated him and attended to his dental needs as they arose. But the patient never felt like they were getting on top of his dental problems, which started when he knocked out the front tooth in a sports injury as a teenager. He suffered nu...

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Upper and Lower All-On-4 Improves Oral Health for Young Rigger

Marcus was embarrassed by his smile. He had numerous decayed and infected teeth that were sore and felt fragile. All the teeth were structurally compromised and it was too late to consider more conservative alternatives with crowns or bridges. He knew he had to do something about it and wanted to...

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51 YO Female Rids of Loose Denture with Upper All-On-4-Plus

This patient was distressed having lost her upper teeth, as she was unable to get used to wearing a full upper denture. She was very conscious of her denture and wanted a fixed and more permanent alternative. The problem was that her bone quality was poor, and the anatomy of her sinuses did not a...

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