Quad-Zygomas fix Loose Denture Problems in 58 Year Old

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants Zygomaticus 400
ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants Zygomaticus 403

Case Details

The Case
  • 58 years old
  • Steel manufacturing business
The Problems
  • Loose upper denture affecting function and speech.
The Solution
  • Upper Quad Zygoma Plus
  • Timeframe: 2 Days
  • Treatment in 2014

Doctors Comments

This patient had a full upper denture and some missing lower back teeth. His dentist placed some implants to replace the lower teeth and this gave him a tremendous improvement in function. But his upper denture was a worsening problem. It was very loose and destabilised when talking causing speech issues. He lost his confidence in speaking as he had to think about what he was saying. Also, food would get stuck underneath the denture causing him pain. He wanted to explore implants in the upper as well but there was not enough bone for a straightforward All On 4 approach.

Due to his extremely poor bone, he was treated with Quad Zygoma Plus.

The Process

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants Zygomaticus 402

1. The OPG shows 2 zygomatic implants inserted into the underside of the cheekbones on each side and two smaller dental implants placed in the front for additional support due to the poor quality bone.

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants Zygomaticus 401

2. Inside the mouth, there is no longer the plastic of the denture covering the palate and the access holes to the implants are within or close to the centres of the teeth which improves the comfort level of function and speech compared to older methods with Zygomatic Implants.