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All On 4 is the immediate replacement of ALL teeth ON FOUR dental implants…in just 1-2 days.

Welcome to All On 4 Clinic, by some of Australia’s pioneers of All On 4® and dental implants concept, and birthplace of the newer All On 4 Plus and Zygoma Plus solutions for long-time denture wearers and people with deteriorated teeth and who want to avoid having to wear a plate.

We offer teeth replacement solutions that are fixed, immediate and which are aimed to feel and function like a beautiful natural set.

With dedicated All On 4 facilities now throughout Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth,as well as inTasmania. Our advanced treatments offering a potential solution for your smile are now, quite literally, closer than ever before.

Find out more about the history of All On Four, the core focus of this brand.


Mainly for our focus, experience and accessibility. Visit About Us to learn more or call us on 1300 255 664 and talk with one of our experienced team.

Many of our patients come to us not only from many parts of Australia, but also from abroad because of our focus and expertise. Browse through our case studies to see some of our results and smile makeovers that speak for themselves.

Results that can only be a product of innovation and experience.

  • Experience, expertise and innovation of All On 4 Plus®
  • Hand-picked clinicians and dedicated clinics
  • Immediate teeth that are FINAL and cleanable
  • Your entire treatment & laboratory in one place
  • Streamlined process with built-in contingency
  • Solutions even for the poor or thin jawbone
  • Affordable long term Zirconia-Porcelain options
  • Predictable Results & High Success


Using advanced procedures pioneered at our original Melbourne clinic. Recent advances in medical and dental technology have led to expanded areas of clinical practice never before thought possible.

With such advancements adding to one of the most researched and successful treatment modalities in dentistry to date, dental implants are today considered the standard of care for many oral conditions, and the best alternative to natural teeth or dentures for many who have lost or are about to lose their teeth.

Using advanced procedures pioneered at our original Melbourne clinic, headquarters of the All on 4 Clinic brand, we have been able to reverse the visual and functional effects of tooth loss.

Effects that can be more far reaching than functional difficulties or poor appearance alone; which may often also affect a person’s entire personality, their confidence and self-esteem.

Thus when we restore function and improve the appearance, this often also translates into improved confidence and self esteem as well as many other aspects of everyday life. Its about Quality of Life.

At our centers throughout Australia we believe that being able to eat and function should not be an exclusive privilege, but a basic human right.

We strive to make a difference being driven by our trademark motto that ‘Happiness begins with a smile’, and we are proud by our results having given many hundreds of our patients a second lease on life with our treatment methods, and something to smile about.

The clip below features the Melbourne All On 4 Clinic, also known as Centre for Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry, with the prestige as Australia’s only accredited member of The Leading Dental Centers of The World, and the original home of All On 4 plus.


Each treatment is planned on an individual basis and whilst certain patients may need additional more than four implants on occasion or other procedures for appropriate long term support, we always aim to avoid prolonged treatment duration with advanced techniques that afford minimal disruption to our patients’ day-to-day life and function.

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