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Dr Andrew Firgaira

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21/15 Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach, Queensland

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Principal Dentist:

Dr. Andrew Firgaira received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Adelaide University in 2005. He has been involved with dental implants from early in his career and in 2012 completed a Master of Clinical Dentistry program in Implant Dentistry. He has a broad range of experience in Aesthetic and functional rehabilitations as well as orthodontics, however his focus today is predominately on Dental Implants and related surgical and restorative procedures.

Dr Firgaira is principal of Oasis Dental which has expanded to multiple locations, and a welcome addition to the All-On-4 Clinic group servicing the Gold Coast area.

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About the clinic:

All-On-4 Clinic Gold Coast

All On 4 Gold Coast

Did you know you can have the entirety of your teeth replaced with All On 4 in Gold Coast? This world-class procedure is backed by dental professionals across Australia, as it strikes the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic beauty. All On 4 has the proven power to change people's lives by giving them stunning yet natural-looking smiles they can feel confident about.

What Are All On 4 Dental Implants?

All On 4 dental implants consist of four titanium fixtures, two of which are inserted at the front of your arch and two at the back of your mouth. These fixtures support a full set of both top and bottom teeth, which are made of high-quality materials like monolithic zirconia, porcelain, acrylic, and titanium.

The implants are made in the same facility that you'll undergo the procedure, allowing for an efficient, streamlined process. Once the four titanium fixtures are inserted into your jawbone, you'll be given a temporary prosthesis to wear while your tissue heals. This will take about six months, after which you'll return to the clinic and receive a final set of permanent teeth.

What Sets All On 4 Implants Apart?

Several features set All On 4 implants apart from dentures and alternative implant procedures. All On 4's standout qualities include their:

  • Adaptability: Traditional implant methods tend to have rather strict eligibility requirements. All On Four implants, however, can be adapted to accommodate individuals with thin jawbones and other dental issues that may have been deemed too complex for alternative treatments.
  • Custom design: All On 4 implants are custom-designed through laboratory processes to suit your mouth, jaw, and cosmetic preferences. Regardless of any customisations, your implants are guaranteed to have an appealing and natural look. This is due to our implant's high-quality materials, namely monolithic zirconia and porcelain.
  • Longevity: The longevity of All On 4 implants is one of their key benefits. While traditional implants only last between 5 and 15 years on average, All On 4 implants are built to last a lifetime.
  • Practicality: When you speak or eat with All On 4 implants, you'll feel as though you have your natural teeth. Our implants are also very easy to maintain, only requiring brushing twice a day with a proxy brush and daily flossing with unwaxed floss.

Despite their adaptability and countless other advantages, All On 4 implants may not be the appropriate solution for everyone. Those who smoke, grind their teeth, or take certain medications may be better suited to an alternative treatment. We encourage you to speak with one of our registered clinicians to learn more and determine your eligibility.

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21/15 Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach, Queensland

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