Case Study 3 - Implant Bridge

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants 1800 1
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Case Details

The Process

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants 1801 1

1. The patient stepped in with numerous missing teeth and dysfunction. Rest of the teeth were decayed and had gum disease.

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2. With the patient\u2019s consent, we removed all teeth and immediate implant bridges were placed in both the upper and lower jaws using the conventional All-on-4 technique. As seen in the picture","the gums were closed with dissolvable stitches above the top teeth.

ALL ON 4 CLINIC Dental Implants 1802 1

3. A baseline X-ray was taken after surgery showing angulated implants in the back and straight implants in the front using a conventional All-on-4 technique. Note: This technique allows by passing of nerve bundle in the lower jaw and by passing of deficient bone and sinuses in the upper jaw.